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After building hundreds of Node.js APIs, backends, and CLIs used by millions of developers, I am sharing exactly how you can do it yourself with minimum effective effort. Learn Node.js from scratch. Build scalable realtime systems with production-grade APIs and CLIs. Impress your manager and help the community.
β†’ I'm sharing it all in this online video course.
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🎩 Full-time #OpenSourcerer 🎩 Google Developers Expert πŸ₯‘ Web Dev Advocate 🎩 Node.js Community Committee Member πŸ”₯ Author of various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide (inc. engineers at Google, AWS, Microsoft, Intel, HP…) πŸ“£ TEDx Speaker 🌟 Regular WordPress Core Developer ✍️ Member of SmashingMagazine Experts Panel, Featured/published author at CSS-Tricks, Tuts+,, TorqueMag, SitePoint… πŸ˜‚ A Self-confessed hilarious comedian. Connect with Awais on twitter @MrAhmadAwais.Awais was recently listed as #1 JavaScript Developer on GitHub Trending Worldwide. Check out his work on corona-cli, Shades of Purple theme, wp-continuous-deployment, create-guten-block, Emoji Log, and many more open-source projects on GitHub.

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I've already started recording this course. This is for both absolute beginners to advanced developers. Launching in a month. Your support right away would be very helpful in these trying times of COVID-19 outbreak, especially as a dev spending most of my time producing free and open-source software. I assure you this ridiculous hard work is worth its weight in gold. This is the course I wish I had.
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πŸ“ΊMODULE #1Node.js Basics

πŸ“ΊMODULE #2Node.js Thread

πŸ“ΊMODULE #3Node.js Process

πŸ“ΊMODULE #4Node.js Globals

πŸ“ΊMODULE #5Node.js Environment

πŸ“ΊMODULE #6Node.js Dev-Tooling

πŸ“ΊMODULE #7Node.js Installation

πŸ“ΊMODULE #8Node.js Database setup

πŸ“ΊMODULE #9Node.js Version management

πŸ“ΊMODULE #10Review: nvm, asdf, n, nodenv

πŸ“ΊMODULE #11Build a backend Node.js Server

πŸ“ΊMODULE #12Node.js REST API (in production)

πŸ“ΊMODULE #13Node.js: 10+ Projects & more…

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Take Their Word for It

You don't have to take my word for it. Some nice folks have said some nice things!

Shit, I didn't know that!!!!!!! This tip is life changing to me!!

Zouhir ⚑Zouhir ⚑Edge Microsoft | Google Dev Expert

Suuuuper stoked for this. I just picked up my copy of NodeCLI course! I can't wait to take my CLI skills to the next level. Fisted handFisted handFlexed bicepsFlexed biceps Keep up the great work @MrAhmadAwais

Alexander RomanoAlexander RomanoAssociate App Developer | SKF

Wow; the quality of the courses is outstanding. Really great work Ahmad Awesome work!

Alberto MedinaAlberto MedinaGoogle Developer Advocate | Ph.D CS

πŸš€ Today for #devAdvent: the very hardworking @MrAhmadAwais! Ahmad is a WordPress Core member and TEDx speaker and he recently created a course to help people become VS Code Power Users. If you're using VSCode as your editor, is a fun/cool resource!

Sarah DrasnerSarah DrasnerJS Microsoft & Vuejs Core Team

Ahmad's Open Source: "It's very impressive". β€” Won Automattic Design Award Trophy. The create-guten-block project is an awesome awesome contribution to the community β€” at AWP Gutenberg series.

Matt MullenwegMatt MullenwegCo-Founder of WordPress

I also just made the decision to move away from PHPStorm to VSCode. I mean, just one year in license fees pays for the master package and I'll learn from one of the best Just by going through the UI improvements videos, I can already see how the course will help me become #VSCODEpro

Jan KochJan KochMentor at WPMastery

"OMG awesome. How do you find those class names?" β€” Said in response to a VSCode tip shared by Ahmad on Twitter.

Dan AbramovDan AbramovCore Dev ReactJS at Facebook

It’s a 5 hour course that teaches you a huge amount of knowledge and after going through it myself, I can state that even as a fairly advanced user of VS Code, Ahmad taught me some neat tricks that I immediately am integrating into my workflow now.

Benjamin LannonBenjamin LannonVSCode Extensions Developer in NY

I've been using VSCode for a few months and I'm not a power user at all. Thanks to @MrAhmadAwais for creating an amazing course to help me bridge that gap in a short time. I highly recommend his course if you're looking to level up your VSCode game.

Haris ZulfiqarHaris ZulfiqarFounder Avada | Engineer at WDS

If you're looking to expand your VSCode knowledge, I have no doubt this course will be extremely useful. @MrAhmadAwais does great work.

Jeremy EnglertJeremy EnglertCore Contributor ZURB Foundation

Just grabbed @MrAhmadAwais's #VSCODEpro course masterclass. If you use any code editor, make the move. Support Ahmad :) he's a top guy β€” does great work. β†’

Mike StottMike StottCore Contributor ZURB Foundation

I love this theme! πŸ¦„Themes with more unique colors like purple are relatively rare, so it's great to see purple represented here πŸ˜ƒ. It's a fun theme, and it's easy to read! πŸ™Œ

Ali SpittelAli SpittelTech Director WomenWhoCode

Kudos to the teacher @MrAhmadAwais for making the #VSCODEpro learning a breeze. I am on the 14th chapter and this is getting as exciting as a binge learning. Ahmad, your hard work is making a student's life easy. You deserve great respect

Raghu VamsiRaghu VamsiSCRUM Master + Front End Dev

I always find him to be an excellent communicator, highly skilled, considerate, and extremely generous. He's a pleasure to collaborate with and he's produced some very impressive public and FREE #OpenSource work for developers to learn and benefit from. In my book, those are some of the best characteristics to have in a person. Ahmad is highly recommended.

Matt CromwellMatt CromwellPartner/Head Community

I've never known someone to create such useful things on a regular basis. Truly impressive sir. I mean it. You just pump stuff out. It's incredible.

Lee PetersonLee PetersonCreative Lead at Rusty Dog Design

I've read over Ahmad's tutorial a few times and implemented most of it. He's the bee's knees for this kind of stuff. β€” In ref to the WordPress & Gulp implementation via WPGulp.

Alex ColemanAlex ColemanWeb Designer at LeftSideDesign

This is a gorgeous, high contrast theme that stands out without getting in the way. Especially great for doing developer talks and screencasts and maintained by a supremely dedicated expert in all the VSCode pro tips. The documentation itself is a thing of beauty, too. 5 Stars!

Shawn Swyx WangShawn Swyx WangDev Experience @Netlify | Reactjs

Yes, Ahmad writes great WordPress tutorials and makes great looking themes and websites, but that's not the only reason I endorse Ahmad. Ahmad is a great community member, he is a core contributor to WordPress and always helpful to other WordPress users. Also, he is a really nice guy, which is important.

Josh PollockJosh PollockLead Dev & Founder CalderaWP

Ahmad has written tutorials for me to publish at Tuts+ on a number of occasions, and I always appreciate his level of expertise both in the subject matter…, and in helping to educate others. I would hire Ahmad again for… training or consultancy in a heartbeat.

Japheth ThomsonJapheth ThomsonDirector of Hosting at Human Made

I know Awais from his contributions to world wide web. His expertise in web & software technologies and his contributions to various open-source projects make it stand out of the crowd. I highly recommend Ahmad.

Jabran RafiqueJabran RafiqueTech Lead at Rated People

I'm really impressed with how much you are participating in the WordPress community! It's pretty insane. You're probably one of the most engaged people I have seen, ever. πŸ˜€

Stanislav KhromovStanislav KhromovDev at Schibsted Media Group

It is extremely rare that you come across highly skilled talent like Ahmad! We worked together on several occasions over the years and his efficiency is beyond superior.

Emil UzelacEmil UzelacWordPress Quality Control Specialist

Ahmad regularly contributes to WordPress core for code and UX improvements. He is one of the most passionate developers I have ever met with an insatiable desire to streamline the workflow of the process of everything he works on. He dives in head first to any new challenges and conquers them with his tenacity and intelligence which make Ahmad an invaluable asset to any project.

Mike AndreasenMike AndreasenWordPress Expert at Codeable

Ahmad is a very thorough writer and he is extremely knowledgeable of the WordPress industry. He knows exactly what is going on in the WordPress community and his outreach is an addition to any blog. I would recommend him.

Daan TollDaan TollOwner of WPLift

I switch syntax themes so often, but I haven't felt the need to switch since using πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple for the past 6 months, it's my new default πŸ˜ƒ - keep up the good work man!

Adam HollisterAdam HollisterLead Developer at The British & Irish Modern Music Institute

Amazing job with balancing out the colors to ensure it's not overloading the eyes. The comments, and markdown syntax semi-hidden state styling is also a good idea! If it's not critical to always see this information then it makes sense to reduce it's visibility. Nice job mate.

B ...B ...SOP Review

I jumped ship from Cobalt 2 by Wes to πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple theme by Ahmad Awais and I'm not looking back, beautiful shades of purple lighten up my code in a way that no other theme can, great job Ahmad!

IgnacioaalIgnacioaalRails Hacker

At we always use Shades of Purple for all our PHP/HTML/JS/CSS and other languages. It's so beautiful and easy to read, we also added some slight tweaks to make it even better and we could not be happier that we found it. Thank you!

WayneWayneDevs at Go6 Media

Ahmad takes his extension seriously and fixed a bug for me overnight. A fantastic theme that is both attractive but more importantly, effective in bring your attention to the import parts of your code.

Mark PorterMark PorterDev at PorterPeople

I started loving the πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple theme from its name ;) After seeing images of the themes, I saw there was more and to get to know about the 'more', an installation will have to occur which did occur...After installation, I got to find out that the theme is super duper awesome than I thought… Welldone Ahmad Awais

Uche JudeUche JudeSoftware Developer Andela

Just installed πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple and absolutely love it! Thank you for creating it! I love these colors! I also switched from Cobalt2. And just beginning a new job as a React.js dev, with it :-)

Alexandra SpalatoAlexandra SpalatoJavascript & WordPress Developer

I started using SOP during the better release and ever since it has being a perfect choice for me. Love to see my IDE always with the shades of purple splash. It improved my overall workflow. Thanks @AhamadAwais for such work.

Ojo OluwasetemiOjo OluwasetemiJavaScript Dev & Teacher

Have been using πŸ¦„ Shades of Purple theme for the last couple of weeks and in love with it. Its fun writing code with those shades of purple <3

Ajit BohraAjit BohraEngineer & Speaker @lubusIN
Beginner friendly Node.js CourseπŸ‘†